Here you will find all things singing! You will have access to vocal exercises, video tutorials from Miss Ashley, lyrics, backing tracks and if you need any help or have a question you can ping it over to us using the Let's Chat! Feature in the bottoms right of the page! 

You Will Be Found - Lyrics

Vocal Exercises 

Top Tips

Humming - Alternate between a HUM & a LIP TRILL & an Ahh (Keep the jaw dropped on Ahh) 

Chester Cheetah, Caterpillar, Saturday Matinee & Ping Pong Ball - We want to focus on bring the sound to the front of our mouths so make sure you really move your mouth the create the correct mouth shapes, this will stop you getting tongue tied! 

My Car Has Flat Tyres - And any exercise that involves and Ahh mouth shape, think of Uhh instead to get the correct mouth shape and make sure you hold that shape all the way through

Vowel Sounds - This is to help our breath control so build it up over time. Start with taking a breath after you have done 1 set of vowels, then try to do 2 sets of vowels in one breath and then try to do 3 sets of vowels in one breath.

Legato Up, Staccato Down - Remember LEGATO means SMOOTH and STACCATO means SHARP/HARD so we want to hear the difference, keep the notes smooth and joined together on the way up and imagine bumping down the stairs on the downward scale